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~this is my first creepypasta X reader so.. it might be shit.. :\  alright hope you like it!
You,Laughing Jack: 17
Dean: 8

" Mom..why did we have to move from (y\h)..." you asked your mother who was now glaring at you. " Because honey.. the.. " Thing " that was following You and Dean around..." she said in a angry tone. " Laughing Jack.." you muttered. " ENOUGH WITH THE LAUGHING JACK!!" Your mother was now more angry then ever. " Sorry wicked witch of the west.." You giggled. " Uhh.. i'll go to my room and unpack.." you said nervously " Yeah you better. " she glared

~ Le Time Skip ~  
Hey, (y/n) go outside and get Dean, and tell him dinner is ready "
" Sure Dad" you walked outside to see your brother eating candy " Dean?.. where did you get that candy? " you asked nervously " My friend he's sitting next to me " Your brother pointed to an empty chair " Oh.. you mean your imaginary friend.. " he looked at you with a confused look on his face " Not my imaginary friend.. your's "  " Dean.. you mean Laughing Jack?" You said smiling " Yeah.. i saw the pictures you drew of him.. I thought I would bring him back " you hugged your brother " Well.. it's time for dinner "

~ Yet another time skip ~

Dean, (y/n) time to go to bed.. " your mom ordered " Mom.. it's only 9:23! " your mom was glaring at you " Fine.. i'll go upstairs.. " you stomped upstairs and walked into your brother's room " Night Dean.. " " Goodnight (y/n)! " he ran up to you and hugged you. " Do me a favor.. and don't grow up. " you both giggled as you put your brother into bed and tucked him in " Hey (y/n) can you say goodnight to Laughing Jack?" you cocked your eyebrow " Uh.. goodnight Laughing Jack.. " you walked into your room and changed into a tank top and shorts and crawled into bed

~ Alright, i'll stop with the time skips! :D ~
you awoke to the sound of screaming " Mom?.. " you crawled out of bed and walked into the hallway " Mom what's wr- " you froze.. you saw.. your brother.. hanging from the wall.. eyes scratched out.. and his tongue missing.. he was still alive crying..  
This was a BEN DrownedXReader but i made a quick change! :D
surveycorpsminer Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Well shiet.
2. Is there a next part or are you leaving me with a shitty cliff hanger?(I say that cause to me cliffhangers are ABOMANATIONS)'
superroxyfoxy42 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
awesome moar please
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